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Shahee paneer kofta (Cottage cheese & cashew)

Shahee Paneer Kofta (Cottage cheese in cashew-nut gravy) is celebrating its 100th post. Chef Amit has given this recipe for the celebration of 100th post of the website. Shahee Paneer Kofta is a royal Lucknow (North Indian Cuisine) dish and has very rich ingredients. The Cottage Cheese or Paneer is fried and then cooked in Cashew-nut gravy and seasoned with Indian spies.    

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Chocolate Molds

Handmade Chocolates Part 2

Handmade Chocolates Part 2 demonstrates how to make variety of chocolate garnishes such as Chocolate Cigars, Chocolate Butterfiles and Chocolate Spring.It also help you learn how to make Chocolate Molds.   Ingredients Dark Chocolates Fresh Cream White Chocolates Method: Chocolate Cigar & Chocolate Butterfiles Melt some dark chocolates along with some fresh cream. Melt some white

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