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Egg Biriyani

Ande aur Sabzi ki Biriyani (Egg & Vegetable Biriyani)

Ande aur sabzi ki biriyani is made of boiled egg and vegetables cooked in spies and rice. Ingredients: Long rice (1 cups) Egg (3) Green Peas (1 cup) Onion (1, chopped) Carrot (1, chopped) Green Chillies (2, split ) Tomatoes (2, chopped) Potato (1, chopped) Ginger garlic paste (1 tbsp) Bay leaf (1) Cinnamon stick (1 inch)

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Chicken Do-Piaza Hyderabadi

Murgh Do-Piaza Hyderabadi (Chicken in onion)

Murgh Do-Piaza is a chicken gravy cooked in onion and garnished with coriander and mint leaves. Ingredients: Chicken (300 gms) Onion (2 cups, finely chopped) Chilly powder (1/2 tsp) Coriander powder ( 1/2 tsp) Garam masala powder (1 tsp) Turmeric powder (1/2 tsp) Ginger garlic paste (1 tbsp) Oil (1 tbsp) Salt as per taste

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Beans in coconut

Beans toran(Long beans in coconut)

Here is a simple and delicious recipe that my mom would make for me and I enjoyed it every time she made. Hope you enjoy it as well! Ingredients: long beans (fine chopped) coconut (less than 1/2 grated) green chillies (3) curry leaves garlic (3 bulbs) chopped onion (1) cumin seeds/Jeera (1 tbsp) water mustard seeds (1

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Chettinadu Chicken

Chettinad Chicken

Chicken Chettinad is a popular recipe of South India, Tamil Nadu of Chettinadu region. The Chicken is cooked in variety of Indian spies roasted and ground.Its delicious aroma spreaded across my kitchen. One must experience this wonderful recipe. This recipe is requested by Santosh Kumar from Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.   Ingredients: For Chettinad masala Marathi

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Curry leaves chutney/ curry vepala podi

Curry vepala podi (Curry leaves Chutney powder)

Curry vepela podi is an authentic South Indian recipe. The dominated aromatic  flavor of this recipe is the curry leaf. This recipe is a powdered chutney made of curry leaves.   Ingredients: Curry leaves (1 cup) Red chilly (5) Bengal gram dal/channa dal Coriander seeds (3 tsp) Salt as per taste Black gram dal/urad dal (2 tsp) Cumin

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