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Chocolate Molds

Handmade Chocolates Part 2

Handmade Chocolates Part 2 demonstrates how to make variety of chocolate garnishes such as Chocolate Cigars, Chocolate Butterfiles and Chocolate Spring.It also help you learn how to make Chocolate Molds.   Ingredients Dark Chocolates Fresh Cream White Chocolates Method: Chocolate Cigar & Chocolate Butterfiles Melt some dark chocolates along with some fresh cream. Melt some white

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Salads and salad dressing

Salads and Salad Dressing

Ingredients: Onion (round chopped) Bell pepper (chopped) Carrots (chopped) Cucumber(chopped) Cherry Tomatoes(chopped) Green curly Letuils Iceberg letuils Garlic(chopped) Olive oil White wine vineger Mustard paste Basil leaves Fetta cheese Salt Pepper Stuffed olive Black olive Toss Salad Method: In a bowl, add chopped garlic(1 tsp), mustard paste(1/2 tsp), white wine vineger(2 tsp), olive oil(6tsp) and

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