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Pumpkin Soup – Vegetarian Thanksgiving recipe

Thanksgiving Day is family festival celebrated in US, Canada & other countries. It is the day of gratitude and appreciation, and as well as a sincere thanksgiving, offered to God for all His blessings, and as well as to the family, loved ones and friends for all their support. This day is also called as […]

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Momos Part 2 (Vegetarian)

Momo is a dish from Asian Cuisine and are types of dumpling made of flour and fillings inside it. ┬áThe filling could be vegetarian made of all the vegetables or non-vegetarian made of meat. Momos Part 2 video demonstrates how to make Vegetable Momos (Vegetarian). Momos Part 3 will demonstrate how to make Chicken Momos […]

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Vegetarian Soya Kabab

Recipe made from Soya, a source of protein contributed by Vidya Lakshmi ( Ingredients: Soya chunks (1 Cup) Corn flour (Corn Starch) / Maida (All purpose flour)-(2 tbsp) Yogurt (1/2 Cup) Tandoori chicken masala (1 tbsp) Red chilly powder (1 tbsp) Turmeric powder (1/2 tsp) Coriander powder (1 tsp) Ginger & Garlic paste (1 tbsp) […]

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Coconut Ladoo

Coconut ladoo or nariyal ladoo is a very easy recipe preparation and needs only 3 ingredients. Enjoy this festival season specially for dusshera, diwali and navaratri. Method: Grated coconut (2 cups) Milk powder (50 gms) Condensed milk (200 gms) Ingredients: Heat a heavy bottom pan. Add freshly grated coconut, milk powder, condensed milk and mix […]

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How to make Peas pulao

Peas pulao or Mattar pulao is a vegetarian rice preparation with added peas, whole garam masalas and saffron. It is a delicious preparation and easy to cook. Ingredients Basmati rice/long grain rice (1/2 cup) Saffron (a pinch) Green peas (1/2 cup) Cloves (2) Green Cardamom (4, pealed along with the skin) Black cardamom (2) Bay […]

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Shezwan fried rice recipe

Indo – Chinese recipe, Shezwan fried rice is a vegetarian preparation and is a famous Indian street food. Ingredients: Oil (1 tbsp) Garlic cloves (2, chopped) Capsicum/bell pepper (1/2, chopped) Cabbage (100 gms, chopped) Shezwan sauce/Red chilly sauce (2 tbsp). Click here for the recipe. Long Boiled rice (1 bowl) Salt (1/2 tsp) Sugar (1/2 […]

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Kadala Curry (Whole Bengal gram daal Kerala curry)

Kadala curry (Whole Bengal gram daal Kerala curry) is very tasty vegetarian preparation of Kerala made in coconut and spices. Ingredients: Black bengal gram daal (1 & 1/2 cups) Salt as per taste Coconut oil/Cooking oil (2 tbsp) Mustard seeds (1/2 tsp) Curry leaves (2 stems) Green Chilly (2, split) Ginger (1 inch, chopped) Onion […]