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Welcome to Veena’s Kitchen. Hi I am Veena, creator of this site. If you are new to this site you will find many recipe videos on Indian cooking which are explained in detail so that you can learn to cook easily.
Along with the recipes you can also find basic cooking techniques and gravies.
The most popular basic gravy in Indian cooking and some dishes using that are
Bhuna Masala
Chana dal Tadka
Also to complete the meal you will need rice or bread
Vegetable Biriyani 
With these recipes you can put a meal together to begin and then continue exploring the many dishes that i have using the search box below
Some of the movies, people or book that have inspired me are listed below in no particular order
Ratatouille : The movie about the mouse and the concept of anyone can cook
Nita Mehta : For her recipes that work
Prashad : Cooking with Indian masters
Thank you 
I just wanted to finish by saying Thank you for browsing the site and it is only with your constant support that this site has continued to grow.
I love getting mails from you about your queries and questions you have about Indian cooking and I make it a point to reply to most of them (  it is getting tougher, but I promise to try). Thank you so much and I would love if you come over to my Facebook page to say Hi.