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Microwave sweet Kozhikatta recipe

Kozhikatta is a sweet rice dumpling with the filling of coconut and cardamom. It is a delicacy of kerala and made during festivals. Microwave sweet Kozhikatta recipe is made using a microwave without changing the authentic taste and flavor. Its delicious and a wonderful snack. Ingredients: Rice flour (1 cup) Water (1 cup) Coconut (1 cup)

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How to roast a peanut in microwave

A quick method of roasting peanut using a microwave. Unlike the traditional method, we need not stir continously, instead, microwave it. How to roast a peanut in microwave Ingredients: Peanuts (2 cups) Method: Take a nonstick microwave safe dish. To it add the raw peanuts and spread it. Microwave it for 4 minutes on high powder.Take

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