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Murgh Do-Piaza Hyderabadi (Chicken in onion)

Murgh Do-Piaza is a chicken gravy cooked in onion and garnished with coriander and mint leaves. Ingredients: Chicken (300 gms) Onion (2 cups, finely chopped) Chilly powder (1/2 tsp) Coriander powder ( 1/2 tsp) Garam masala powder (1 tsp) Turmeric powder (1/2 tsp) Ginger garlic paste (1 tbsp) Oil (1 tbsp) Salt as per taste

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Keema Mattar Samosa

If you have any video recipes and would like to share it with the world, please feel free to mail me Keema Mattar Samosa is a snack for tea time, or a starter during meals, and children’s favorite. This wonderful recipe is contributed by Vidya lakshmi ( Ingredients: Wheat Spring Roll Pastry Sheets Onion

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